applications available in the Wing

memberships run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year

Eligibility Requirements

1. At the time of application for membership, the applicant is becoming a member of the Air Force Association of Canada. If that is all they want, they may join as a Member At Large (MAL). They apply directly to the national office in Ottawa and I believe the yearly membership is $49.00 (which includes a digital copy of the Air Force magazine) or $54 which includes the Air Force Magazine mailed to your address.

2. If the applicant wishes to be a member of a Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada, in addition to the national fee, the individual Wings add their own fee to assist with the operation of the Wing.

3. In most Wings there are 3 or 4 "classifications" of membership. They all follow the national criteria. All members shall subscribe to fully maintain, support and follow the official aims and objectives of the Air Force Association of Canada.


A1 Ex-RCAF personnel (Regular and Reserve), CF personnel in military aviation or its support, members of any Allied Air Force, air service of the RCMP, air units of the Navy, Army, Marines or Coast Guard of the United States of America, Air Cadet Officers and instructors, ex-Air Cadets with two or more years of service, ex-members of the RAF Ferry Command, US Military Transport Command and members of CASARA.

A2 Civilian pilots, navigators, air engineers, or any other person involved with flying or maintenance of civilian aircraft.

A3 Civilian employees employed for a period in excess of two years by DND in support of military aviation, and persons in civil aviation of the Federal or Provincial ministry.

Any applicant who qualifies in one of the above categories will be enrolled as a Regular member.


Both applicants must qualify in any of the above categories to be eligible for Regular-Dual membership. (Many spouses who are or were in the air element of the military wish to be a Regular member with all the rights and privileges that go with the classification).


1. Any person who does not qualify for any of the above membership categories, may apply as an Associate member as long as they support the Aims and Objectives of 888 (Komox) RCAF Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada.

2. All applicants for Associate membership must be sponsored by a Regular member in good standing with the Wing, and approved by the Wing Executive Council.


1. Any spouse (married or common-law) of a Regular or Associate member may apply for a Spousal membership as long as they do not qualify for Regular or Regular-Dual membership.

Regular, Regular-Dual and Associate members have full voting privileges and can serve on any committee as a member or Committee Chair and any position on the Executive Council. Associate members cannot hold any President position on the Executive Council.

Spousal member is unique to our Wing and was created so that they may come to the Wing without having to be signed in as a guest. They may also purchase function tickets and sign out movies following the Wing Policy. They may volunteer on any committee except the Executive and cannot hold the position of any Committee Chair. Spousal members do not have a vote at the Wing General Meetings.

Membership Application Form.pdf