888 (Stocky Edwards) Wing RCAF Association

888 WING is OPEN daily - 11am - 6pm

Last Call is at 5:30

Office is open Weekdays 9 - 11 am

1298 Military Row, Comox, B.C., V9M 4A2

888 (Stocky Edwards) Wing of the RCAFA

This is our new Wing Badge by artist and designer, Steve Cowan.

  • The Badge includes a crown that is neither Queen or King.

  • Dogwood blossoms represent our location - British Columbia.

  • Three stars are eight-pointed subtly referring to our Wing number “888”.

  • The mountains are depicted in black with a white centre piece depicting the glacier with the sun behind the glacier.

  • Blue represents the water of the strait, Salish Sea.

  • The green band represents the forest.

  • Also notice the Roundels. The left roundel dipicts the original RCAF while the right one depicts the current RCAF roundel.


To the right is the

"New Governance" model

for 888 Wing management.

Wing Governance Dec 5 2022

Of Interest to Wing Members

Remembering the Forgotten War - in Coal Harbour

Remembering the Forgotten War in Coal Harbour ZOE DUCKLOW

BIRTH OF A GIANT by Hugh O'Connor

This old video on the design and manufacturing of the CP-107 Argus. It was produced by the National Film Board in 1957. I know there's lots of folks out here might find this film quite interesting. (Click the Button)

Check out this regularly updated site for savings! It has 100's of verified discounts and is continually updated.

That Others May Live (Chopper) - Jason Price (Official Video) - This is an excellent song & video by Randy Price (son of retired 19 Wing Commander 'Randy Price') on the continued heroic actions of SAR Techs.

Have a look at this fantastic story & plaque from 101 Sqn commemorating the work that Canadians performed in the bombing of the "Bridge over the River Kwai" the story, and now check out the FINAL RAID plaque! River Kwai Plaque


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