Pacific Region News

In May of 2020, Pacific Group, as we knew it, was dissolved and replaced with a changed format and is now Pacific Region with Directors and it encompasses all RCAF Association Wings and Squadrons in the Pacific Region. At the end of June 2020, 801 Vancouver Wing will be dissolved and merge with 879 Wing in Chilliwack as a Squadron of 879 wing.

Pacific Region encompasses all RCAFA Wings & Squadrons in British Columbia.

The new 2020 Directors are:

Pacific Region Director

Pacific Area Director (Lower Mainland)

Pacific Area Director (Vancouver Island)

Pacific Area Director (Interior Region)

Honourary Director

- Don Hogan, 888 (Komox) Wing

- Ian Whiting, 801 Vancouver Sqn - 879 (Earl MacLeod) Wing

- Anne Marie Smith, 808 (Thunderbird) Wing

- Don Hogan, 888 (Komox) Wing

- Syd Burrows, 888 (Komox) Wing

The latest AGM was held via teleconference on 20 May 2020.

Our next Group AGM is to be held at - TBD